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On this coming Sunday, December 4th, Bishop Craig Loya, 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, will make his visitation to Saint James Episcopal Church in Marshall. Bishop Loya will preside and preach at the 10am Eucharist, and will confirm two people.  Anyone interested in attending is welcome.  The service will also be streamed at the link below

In the first two and a half years of his episcopate, Bishop Loya oversaw a diocese in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, pastored Minnesotans in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the attendant uprising, unrest, and trauma, joined people of all faiths from all over the country to bear witness to the damage to God’s creation caused by the installation of Line 3 at the headwaters of the Mississippi River, has spoken out against the unjust treatment of refugees and migrants held in the Bishop Whipple federal building, has affirmed that diversity of all kinds, including gender diversity, is a reflection of a humanity created in God’s image, and has inspired many with his deeply faithful call to join God’s project of healing the whole world with love.

All are welcome to join St. James for services every Sunday at 10am or streaming at link below


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St James Episcopal Church functions with lay led worship and supply priests to carry out the mission of the church.  We respect the dignity of every human being and welcome ALL people to our fellowship.  We strive for justice and peace in the world and work to spread the message of Christ in what we do and who we are.  

Join us!

St James Episcopal Church, Marshall in southwest Minnesota is a small rural Shared Ministry parish, where everyone in the parish family is given the opportunity to find and do the ministry to which God is calling them. 

The Episcopal Church has a legacy of inclusion, aspiring to share and show God’s love for every human being and welcoming all regardless of heritage, gender, sexual identity or orientation. 

 Our church family in Marshall honors that legacy and welcomes all people looking for an open and inclusive community and faith family.

A call to ALL . . .

On behalf of St. James Episcopal Church, we are inviting you to bring your ideas and voices together with us, as we address difficult scenarios facing public safety and our communities.

 Building the Beloved Community - Interfaith Action

The Episcopal Church has a history of inclusion – as we have accepted different theologies, lifestyles, and viewpoints to strengthen our faith tradition.  As a member of the church, BC Franson volunteered to become part of Building the Beloved Community Public Safety Project.  This project is a joint effort by Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul and the Department of Public Safety to gain insight from various faith communities across Minnesota on issues facing our law enforcement officers and our community members.  In connection with this project, She will be hosting Zoom discussions focused on thoughtful reflection of faith in action with the goal of moving beyond abstract principles into actionable output that will be shared with the Department of Public Safety’s Commissioner Harrington.  We invite you, to join us in these discussions. We invite you to add your voice, your experiences and your values so we can share a broader perspective with public safety as they work on solutions to problems facing our communities.

Reading Luke 4:21-30 and 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 together we are reminded that to be Christ in the World we must go beyond our community . . .our hometowns. .  .our church to love others and do God’s work for ALL – as we come together to ponder questions and issues we begin to understand the impact of our personal decisions in difficult moments and can see God’s work in the world.

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